Funtime Chips is a premium quality, crunchy, and tasty snack.
Introduced in 1992, the 27 year old snack is an affordable treat, ideal as a convenient, snack to break boredom and have fun
The Funtime brand has two Sub-brands; Funtime Coconut chips, Funtime Groundnut chips..
Funtime Coconut Chips is a premium quality, crunchy, and tasty snack. It is sweet and made from Coconut, presented in flat square, fun to crunch shape.Funtime Groundnut chips was introduced to the Funtime family in 2019, it is a tasty, crunchy and unique Naija snack made from Groundnut, presented in flat square chips. Funtime Coconut chips contains Coconut while Funtime Groundnut chips contains Groundnut, they both satisfy the snacking need of consumers while working or during relaxation period.

Product range

Funtime Coconut, Coconut Fun jar, Groundnut, Groundnut Spicy Chips
Coconut Chips
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Groundnut Chips Spicy
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Groundnut Chips Classic
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Coconut Chips Jar
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