Gala Sausage Roll is highly nutritious, delicious and satisfying.
A snack made from pure beef filling and rich wheat based pastry. It is highly nutritious, delicious and satisfying.
Gala is a unique snack that has been part of the Nigerian heritage for over 60 years. It is the Go-Getter’s companion.
Gala Sausage roll comes in an attractive red packaging with transparent bull’s head window signifying pure beef content in an outer fibrite pack. Each fibrite pack contains 105 sausage roll units and 26 sausage Roll units respectively. Satisfying the needs of every Nigerian.

The Mini Gala Sausage Roll was introduced to cater for those who like to consume smaller sizes of their favourite Gala Sausage Roll. It is popular among school kids and those who like to snack and enjoy their favourite Gala Sausage Roll on a budget.

Introduced in 2021, Gala Spicy sausage roll brings that extra spicy flavour for our spice lovers. It retails for N100, is bigger and comes with more beef filling. 
It is your perfect on-the-go snack while you are working or relaxing. Try one today.

Gala Classic is the latest in the our snacks category. Simply put, it is bigger and tastier with more beef filling. Currently retailing at N200, Gala Classic is your sure snack as you fuel your hustle.

Gala Cocktail is a 500g pillow pack of Gala sausage rolls in smaller cuts for family hangout, party, events, travels, vacation, occasion or gatherings.

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Gala Mini, Classic, Spicy and Cocktail Sausage roll
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