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We don’t make swan natural spring water, Nature does.
Swan is premium alkaline natural spring water with no chemical additives, filtered by nature and naturally fortified with calcium and magnesium for healthy bones. Swan Natural spring water is sourced at about 200m below the foot of ancient volcanoes under the most hygienic conditions using the most modern technology in the bottled water industry. It comes in 50cl, 75cl and 150cl PET bottles with screw caps.
Swan Natural Spring Water is the pioneer brand of bottled water which has been supporting the wellbeing of Nigerian consumers.
Owing to its natural source, Swan water provides the consumers with the peace of mind they require to be their best and be in control. The brands positive image results from consistently providing the consumers with safe and pure drinking water that refreshes and supports their quest for total wellness.
Over the years Swan has been true to her promise of remaining natural as it does not undergo any form of chemical interference, resulting in the retaining of the natural minerals present in the water which are very essential for proper functioning of the body organs and cells.
Spring water is sourced from natural springs where layers of underground rocks act as natural filters as the water flows upwards keeping it clean and fresh. Spring Water does not need to be subjected to potentially harmful chemical treatments. Spring Water is natural and tastes refreshing resulting in the tendency to drink a higher volume of water which is critical for health bodily function
Table water is sourced from underground pipes which are usually prone to damage and make the water unclean; as a result table water has to be chemically treated to make it safe for consumption. Table Water needs to be purified with chemicals like chlorine and sometimes fluoride; overtime this may cause a dangerous buildup of chemicals in your body. Table water tends to be a bit “heavy” due to chemical additives which make it tedious to drink.

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Swan 50cl, 75cl and 150cl natural spring water
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