UAC Foods Relaunches Kingsway Pastry Roll.

LAGOS, Nigeria (August 2023) UAC Foods, the manufacturers of the popular Gala sausage roll brand introduced a new product into their expanded range of snacks. This innovation marks a significant milestone for the company, signifying a new chapter. The unveiling of the updated visual identity and overall look of this new product and brand took place at a relaunch event hosted by UAC Foods on the 17th of August 2023. This brand is KINGSWAY.

Key stakeholders in the sausage roll category, brand influencers, industry food critics, distributors, and partners attended the glamorous event.

Delivering his keynote address, the Managing Director of UAC Foods Limited, Mr. Oluyemi Oloyede spoke at length about Gala’s legacy; a brand that has been in existence for 61 years and one that would be around for another 61 years and beyond. He said that the launch of Kingsway is borne from the company’s passion to give its supportive consumers a choice to have an alternative product, especially one that delivers on ‘more for same great taste and quality’ promise. 

"This brand will be the number two brand within this category, we will sell everywhere so that every Nigerian can access qualified and affordable food every day. We are offering a snack product with filing that helps the consumer manage the current economic situation. In the next weeks and months, our teams across regions will make Kingsway available to consumers so that they can see, taste, and buy our new baked rolls,” Oloyede explained.

Kingsway's new look and packaging were unveiled by Oluwaponmile Alabi, Marketing Manager, UAC Foods Limited, who expatiated on the journey of Kingsway’s operations from inception to relaunch, and the brand’s desire for its consumers to ‘Savor for a little longer with Kingsway’. She stated, “A brand that does not evolve will die… One of the fundamental guiding principles, to which we are devoted, centers around providing sustenance to at least 80% of the Nigerian population daily. 

‘Today, I take immense pride in introducing Kingsway to this assembly of impassioned distributors, dedicated sales champions, and all present. This offering stands as a testament to our commitment to upholding the rich legacy of UAC Foods Limited. Just like a newborn, each phase has its appointed time. At this juncture, with the unwavering support of our enthusiastic distributors, we hold the firm belief that the brand will gradually advance in the coming months, much like a baby transitioning to the crawling stage, then to the walking and finally to the flying stage’, Ponmile expanded.

UAC Foods Limited’s General Manager, Operations, Stephen Adekogbe, also expressed gratitude to key stakeholders who had contributed significantly to the growth of the organization, emphasizing appreciation to our distributors. He continued saying: “The past few years have been tough with a lot going on around the world, but I stand here today honored to assure you that tough times never last, only tough people and brands do. He also informed the teeming audience that as of today, despite the economic issues and fuel price increases, UAC Foods Limited is still able to reach the entire part of the country. 

This new brand contains food-grade raw materials that deliver on energy, protein, and fiber requirements for the consumer to live each day at a very affordable price, and therefore, he solicited the support of the field sales team and the distributors to make this product successful in the marketplace.