Supreme Ice Cream… Scoop Range

Supreme Ice Cream… Scoop Range


Supreme Ice Cream is a rich, creamy, nourishing and tasty blend of ice cream which provides fun-filled exciting adventure.Supreme Ice Cream is an ideal dessert for all occasions. It is nourishing and contains high content of calcium and protein in ice cream (ice cream bars, yoghurt and scoop) and the Vitamin C in water based lollies.

SIC is a frozen desserts produced and packaged hygienically under cold temperature conditions. It is superior in taste, quality and formulation.

The scoop range of Supreme Ice cream comes in tubs while novelty/impulse bars comes as Ice cream bars on sticks wrapped in Bi-axially Oriented Polyethylene (BOPP) wrappers. Frozen desserts in pouch come in Linear Density Polyethylene (LDP) wrappers as Ice cream and Ice Lollies

Supreme Ice Cream... oh my goodness!

Supreme Ice cream in scoops are specially packaged to suit your need for all occasion; family parties and get together; hosting friends in your home or going with loved ones for a picnic or just hanging out with your buddy? Supreme Ice Cream sure is the perfect entrée on your menu

We know how hard you work and we share your dreams. We also know that you need to relax after a hard day’s work. So, while you relax in front of the TV and catch up with your favorite TV show, what better way to indulge and pamper you than with the excitement and delight that Supreme Ice cream provides?

Enjoy the rich creaminess of Supreme Ice cream in bowls at all times.  It is surly the perfect entrée on your menu

Our Supreme Ice Cream Scoop range come in pack sizes:

  • 120 ML (CUTIE)
  • 220ML (FANTACY)
  • 500ML
  • 2 Litres
  • 4 Litres